"Post-rock tends toward the deconstructive, but Threefifty emphasize the opposite: building a unique sound out of various fragments and traditions they come across."

- Stephen Deusner, Bandcamp Daily

"[Threefifty] augments their outstanding acoustic and nylon-string guitar work with mandolin, electric guitar, intriguing effects treatments and contributions from five other artists... The music is intelligent, deep, and subtle while at the same time being accessible and reflective of the duo's cosmopolitan environment, with touches of post-rock, psych-folk, Baroque-pop, and ambient stylings."

- Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine 

"...each song [is] painted uniquely like a canvas as the sonic beauty and inventive post-rock glides by with baroque, folk and abstract Americana feelings. Hands down one of the most creative albums of 2017. 4.5/5 stars"

- New Noise Magazine

"The hypnotic sounds of minimalism and EDM echo in the folk-influenced music of Brooklyn-based Threefifty... While they are classically trained, these days they also travel with a lot of the same effects as their electric counterparts use. It allows Threefifty's expansive, yet delicate music fall more into the style that's come to be known as post-rock, recalling the sprawling and ruminative landscapes of Explosions In The Sky and Mogwai."

- John Schaefer, WNYC


"Exactly where does postclassical composition end and postrock chamber music begin? Answer: Who cares? Stop splitting hairs about labels and enjoy... Threefifty, which has morphed from a project based in a folk-influenced, indie-rock-saturated act with a knack for nuanced original works."

- Steve Smith, Time Out New York


"Hypnotic phase-pattern guitar duets treated with creative processing and augmented with percussion and violin. Equal parts Explosions in the Sky, Leo Kottke, Francisco Tárrega, and Robert Fripp."

- Andy Ellis, Premier Guitar

“It’s rare to find a band so unbeholden to genre as Threefifty… a fascinating piece of work… an expertly-constructed wall of sound…”

- Popmatters

"...the songwriting and musical performances alike pull off [an] improbable stylistic hybridization without a stutter step or hint of hesitation. It isn’t a confidence announcing itself with brash, broad-brushed fury. Instead, the assurance comes through in musicianship and songwriting that never wavers… This album succeeds on every front.”

- Vents Magazine

"...a winding and imaginative musical ride with literary power frequently unheard on mainstream releases. Daring can only pay off if you possess the chops and the discipline to back it up. Even a cursory listen to Gently Among the Coals convinces you Threefifty has plenty of both qualities to burn...9/10" - Da Hip Hop Place 

“…surely destined to become something of a classic by those fortunate enough to discover it… ‘Gently Among The Coals’ is an album of real depth, and a definite must for anyone who likes their boundaries pushed in innovatory style... 8/10”

- Americana UK

"In 2011, Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile released an album called The Goat Rodeo Sessions which took some of the world’s foremost classical musicians and had them take on bluegrass music. Now imagine those same musicians taking on post-rock and you would have something that sounds like Threefifty."

- Surviving the Golden Age

"Theirs is music that revives your soul with the purest invigorating melodies... Threefifty is the soundtrack to life’s every mood.” 

- The Revue 

“…a unique sound quite unlike anything you’ll hear in the modern marketplace… Gently Among the Coals has musical, literary, and vocal beauty galore. The breadth of color in their music is simply astonishing… 9/10”

- Valhalla


“…a performance of chords that collect like constellations of galactic musical formations.”

- Impose Magazine

"If you've ever listened to The Books and wondered what this music might sound like without...samples of children playing or newscasters fearing armageddon, then Threefifty's absorbing guitar work might be a good place to start...Licks as precise as anything you'd hear from classical guitar ensembles like the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, but a mood positively geared toward the instrument's meditative virtues"

-Mike Levine, The Deli